Probably you have already heard about the current JAVA security vulnerability Log4jShell, which has caused anxiety and excitement among big players worldwide. The dangerous vulnerability, in a much used software component (Java library Log4j) lets the alarm bells ring with IT experts. The vulnerability itself is in a frequently used library for the Java software.

A critical zero-day vulnerability called Log4jShell, in the widely used Java logging library Log4j, allows attackers to execute arbitrary code. Services from Apple, Twitter, Steam, Amazon and presumably many smaller offerings are affected. The vulnerability is also trivially exploitable, a complete takeover of the affected system is possible. The vulnerability may allow attackers to execute their software code on the servers under certain circumstances. This would allow them to run their malware there, for example.

Specifically, Microsoft’s evaluation states, “Because the vectors through which this vulnerability can be exploited are broad and fully playing out remediation in large environments will take time, we recommend defenders watch for signs of subsequent exploitation rather than relying entirely on prevention.”

At this point we can reassure you. After thorough examination, we can assure our customers and users that the products of the MOTIONDATA VECTOR Group are not affected.

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