Stabsübergabe – Josef Pichler übergibt an Mario

Mit 1. Oktober 2020 hat Josef Pichler nach 26 erfolgreichen Jahren an der Spitze der MOTIONDATA VECTOR Gruppe die Geschäftsführung an seinen Sohn Mario übergeben. Dieser Schritt wurde bereits in den vergangenen Jahren gut geplant und vorbereitet. Mit dem Anschluss der MOTIONDATA VECTOR Gruppe...

The MOTIONDATA VECTOR Group under new hat

The MOTIONDATA VECTOR Group has joined Volaris Group Inc. on October 1, 2020. This marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for the MOVEC Group after 25 years of membership in the Denzel Group. The changes resulting from digitalization...

Sustainable 360° solutions for automotive companies

The MOTIONDATA VECTOR group offers IT-complete solutions for motor vehicle companies independent of their company size. With our 360-degree solutions, we cover all operational processes of the automotive companies with our product portfolio and make the automotive operation more...
mobilApp Autohaus Slawitscheck

The demand for apps is currently exploding!

No surprise, because the smartphone is the most used Internet device. In addition, the Corona crisis has had a strong impact on the economy and the acceleration of digital transformation in companies is currently increasing enormously. Also the car dealerships...

The future is called Cloud: User numbers are rising!

Especially during the Corona crisis, companies detected how it works when employees can work from home. But even before the corona situation, more and more companies have recognized the various cloud solutions and are already using hosted systems.
MOTIONDATA VECTOR Referenz - Online Service Booking

online booking-616 dealership appointments per month

Great success was achieved with the “Online Service Booking” web tool from the MOTIONDATA VECTOR group via the new website 616 appointments were booked through the OSB in just one month.
MOTIONDATA VECTOR Autohaus Demo-Website

It’s that easy for car companies to increase their online business

Online business is currently booming more than ever. Due to the corona situation and social distancing, the number of users of digital media is increasing many times over. The website package of the MOTIONDATA VECTOR Group supports your vehicle sales and workshop capacity utilisation.
MOTIONDATA DMS und Car Dealer Package CDP

Back on Track – We’ll get you back on track!

The corona situation has led to heavy losses at all companies. With the following solutions from the MOTIONDATA VECTOR Group you can increase your sales, capacity utilisation and turnover in the long term and enjoy many other advantages...

Good business despite social distancing

With the MOTIONDATA VECTOR Group's online tools, automotive companies improve their turnover! Social distancing due to the corona situation is firmly anchored in people's minds, because the customers of the car companies inform themselves, book and ..
MOTIONDATA VECTOR Renault Zertifizierung für das MOTIONDATA DMS und Car Dealer Package CDP

Our DMS solutions certified by Renault

Due to the excellent and long-standing partnership with Renault, the MOTIONDATA VECTOR Group is known among Renault partners as a reliable DMS provider who can respond very quickly to the market situation and the needs of the market with know-how and manpower.

Cloud solutions – more valuable than ever!

Especially in such exceptional situations as strict exit restrictions, it is especially valuable if you can access your central business applications from home, regardless of which PC or ...

Optimize your processes through Know How

The current crisis is a huge challenge for society and economy. But this shutdown can also be an opportunity to focus on things that often don't have time for in the hectic pace of daily business!