3 Tools fü Ihren Erfolg

3 tools for the success of automotive companies

The MOTIONDATA VECTOR group, as a complete software solution provider, improves the daily work processes of automotive companies!

These three MOTIONDATA VECTOR tools, whose combination provides the important edge in success in the automotive industry.

The mobilApp is perfect for customer retention. The MOTIONDATA VECTOR Group has also recently launched a mobilApp. This tool improves customer loyalty as it offers the possibility to arrange service appointments and test drives. In addition, the mobilApp allows companies to present their vehicle range to customers at any time and in an up-to-date manner.

News, chats and message tools facilitate the company’s communication channels with customers. The range of products and services offered by the car dealership are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: The new mobilApp of the OTIONDATA VECTOR Group is available on Android and iOS.


The second important tool is Online Service Booking:

The companies can easily integrate it into their website. In this way, customers can quickly book an appointment at the dealership with just a few clicks. In this way, companies can not only increase their customer satisfaction, but also increase the capacity utilization of their workshops.

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The website package: This third and so important tool is after all something like a company’s business card on the Internet – where you can win customers, but also lose them again. MOTIONDATA VECTOR takes care of the filling, constant visitor analyses and the optimization of the Website for search machines. The software specialist guarantees that the website also works perfectly on mobile devices.

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You can also use the advantages and contact our sales department by phone 0043 316/255 599-1130 or by email sales@motiondata-vector.com.