High-quality photo support reduces the standing time of your vehicles

Especially with online presence, good pictures are the guarantee for success. What would you say if someone took over the optimal image processing of your vehicles for you and this automatically ended up in your sales manager? Cool thing, right? That’s exactly what we thought and entered into an exclusive partnership with Pixel 24 to offer our customers this high-quality photo support and innovative competitive advantage.

Because there are many advantages:

  • Your cars can be left blank or set on a neutral background.
  • Company logo can be incorporated on request
  • Implementation within 24 hours.
  • And now the best part: The information comes directly back to the Sales Manager in the vehicle administration

It works as simple as that:

The dealer takes pictures of the vehicles with the Pixel24 app, uploads the pictures to the server and gets the pictures ready prepared directly into the vehicle master in the DMS.

“With our system, dealers can put their vehicles online 85% faster and reduce their standing time”, Markus Garcia, CEO of Pixel 24, is convinced.

We will be happy to advise you and looking forward to hearing from you by phone 0043 316/255 599-1130 or by email sales@motiondata-vector.com