Your DMS available everywhere and securely!

The centrally hosted DMS cloud solution from the MOTIONDATA VECTOR Group makes it possible!

Especially during the Corona pandemic, but even before that, automotive businesses have discovered how valuable it is when employees can easily work from home and access the central company applications. With the DMS cloud infrastructure, you can work completely independent of location and device from anywhere, whether from a PC or notebook.

In addition, the cloud solution also makes absolute economic sense in the long term, because you save previous investment costs such as acquisition, installation and maintenance costs for conventional server landscapes, and the manageable, fixed monthly costs of the cloud variant are easier to calculate than before.

In addition, the cloud solution also scores in terms of data security, as high-security data centers with the highest security levels guarantee absolute data and failure safety. Automotive operations no longer have to perform constant updates and daily data backups, because with the cloud you are always automatically up to date on the latest software and security status.

This is important because the media constantly report on cyberattacks. With the help of viruses and Trojans, criminals get into the company’s IT system and can access important operational data, encrypt the data or paralyze the servers overnight. Often, the companies are then blackmailed with very high sums of money or the data is stolen and sold.
Many customers also want to protect themselves from this, because since the DMS cloud solution has been offered since the end of 2018, 76 automotive businesses have already switched to the DMS cloud solution and are working successfully with it.

In addition, the MOTIONDATA VECTOR Group supports you as a full-service provider in matters of IT and network security and offers everything from classic IT hardware (PC, server) to Internet access and telephone systems, because the topics of security and infrastructure are more current and in demand than ever.

Take advantage of our cloud solutions and contact us by mail or by phone 0043 316 / 25 55 99 – 1130.

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