With the Sales Manager vehicle management module, car dealerships can display their vehicles in all used car exchanges, on their website and in their car dealership app with just a few clicks. The 360-degree solutions from the MOTIONDATA VECTOR Group make it possible.

With the module Vehicle management car dealerships not only increase their efficiency, but at the same time increase their sales opportunities due to the versatile sales channels and thus enjoy sustainable business success. In addition, they can use this module to create offers and sales contracts, edit images or manage their own price management. Automatic sales notifications, data quality management and many other functions complete this tool and make it indispensable for every modern car dealer.

As an additional sales channel, the MOTIONDATA VECTOR Group offers the Website Package and mobilApp.

On both solutions, the entire operation is mapped with the vehicle inventory, services and services. Online booking tools for workshop and test drive appointments ensure higher workshop utilization and sales support for the vehicles and are thus available to your customers around the clock.

Because good vehicle images increase the chance of sales, the MOTIONDATA VECTOR Group optimally complements the vehicle management module with the GAD24 App,

a high quality professional photo support with guaranteed image processing within 24 hours. A photo guide, many background options – for example with your own logo – and the simple operation allow even non-professionals to create professional images, which should shorten the standing days of the vehicles.

With our solutions, you too can make optimal use of your entire sales potential and thus increase your sales.

More than 150 customers with over 1,000 users are already working with Sales Manager on a daily basis, and the number is constantly growing. If you want to increase your sales performance, Sales Manager is the perfect tool for you. For further questions please contact us by e-mail sales@motiondata-vector.com or by phone 0043 316 / 25 55 99 – 1130.