Foto App

Available now: The MOTIONDATA Photo App!

The MOTIONDATA photo app for all iOS devices.

It’s as simple as that: In only three steps you have taken the photo and stored it in MOTIONDATA.

Select storage location

Service Acceptance (Opens the photo function for a job that is open for processing on a specific workstation. Photos can then be stored for this order) Order (Opens a list of all open orders. After selecting an order, photos can be stored for this order) Vehicle (A search function can be used to search for the short chassis number of a vehicle and store photos for this vehicle).

Take a picture

With the four photo assignment functions mileage, license plate, damage and vehicle (the photo is automatically saved under the name) you can easily assign the photo.

Edit photo

The “Marking” function can be used, for example, to mark a damage with optional marking colors (red, blue and yellow). If you click on “Discard” the current photo will be discarded or deleted. Under function “Send” the photo is transferred to the DMS. Depending on the selected function, the photo will be

a) for service acceptances and jobs directly saved in the document directory of the respective job.

b) for vehicles, stored directly in the document register of the vehicle concerned

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