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It can happen to anyone – Protect your business!

Meltdown and Spectre are currently in the media and on everyone’s lips: There are huge security gaps in CPUs from Intel, ARM and Apple, which are summarised under the names Meltdown and Spectre. All Windows and Linux PCs as well as Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets and even AppleTV are at risk.

Every day the news reports: “Numerous companies attacked by hackers”, “New encryption Trojan causes chaos”, “Virus protection manufacturers powerless against zero-day attacks”.

But what’s the truth in the headlines, how secure am I really and can you protect yourself at all?

Every company and every private person is basically at risk. It is also not true that it mainly or increasingly affects large companies. However, attacks on large companies naturally generate greater media interest.

Only recently, the new ransomware “Bad Rabbit” hit Europe and is currently causing unrest in domestic networks. In Russia and the Ukraine, for example, Bad Rabbit has paralyzed entire news agencies and an airport in some cases.

The distribution happens very quickly and mostly arbitrarily – everyone is a potential target here. In most cases, the attacker (or developer of the pest) does not even know which company he has hit. Nor does he have to – such so-called blackmail Trojans act with a ransom demand – behind it is a million-dollar industry. Such viruses are spread in many different ways, the most common way is via mails or websites.

According to estimates, conventional virus protection offers a protection of around 40% – no wonder, with over 400,000 new malware programs appearing every day! The virus protection, which works on the basis of a so-called blacklist, is therefore always one step behind the attacker.

In order to protect ourselves from such attacks, we have set up our MOTIONDATA Defense service. MOTIONDATA Defense is based on the extended virus protection Panda Adaptive Defense 360, which turns the tables on us.

After a period of “learning the ropes” in the network, our protection is switched from “audit” to “lock”. This means that any unknown program is first blocked and then checked by Panda Labs.

The software works on the basis of a whitelist, so to speak – only trustworthy programs can be executed. Of course a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That’s why we’ve combined our advanced protection with a managed service that proactively monitors devices for updates and errors. If a device is unprotected, an update is pending, or Defense is disabled, we take action and respond immediately with a solution to the security issue.

This gives your company the most comprehensive and secure protection currently available on the market – flexible and individually adjustable.

Our customers already trust us with over 600 devices which are protected by MOTIONDATA-Defense. With only EUR 4,-/month per protected device you can achieve the highest level of security on the market.

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