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Ford Danner counts on MOTIONDATA DMS

On the road to success with the right software – Ford Danner counts on MOTIONDATA DMS.

As the obvious market leader in Austria, the MOTIONDATA VECTOR Group convinces with the proven MOTIONDATA DMS and numerous other standard solutions for the automotive industry.

This is why the renowned car dealership Ford Danner has also decided in favour of MOTIONDATA DMS. The evaluation phase for the new Dealer Management System started in 2017 with clear specifications and a comprehensive functional specification. The challenge in this project was to map every business case in MOTIONDATA DMS before the real start and to test all processes in advance, from order invoicing to the transfer to financial accounting. Project start and start of the test phase were in March 2018 by project manager Michaela Hirsch.

The real start in October 2018 went smoothly thanks to professional on-site support from Michaela Hirsch and Philipp Hierzer. The extensive product training courses for the employees in advance contributed to this and still guarantee the optimal operation of MOTIONDATA DMS today. Mr. Manfred Berghammer, project manager on the part of the company Danner means to the DMS change: “The conversion to MOTIONDATA ran as planned. Thanks to intensive project preparations on both sides, we managed the switch to live operation with MOTIONDATA much easier than expected!

Until today, many positive feedbacks from the Danner staff confirm that the decision to change to MOTIONDATA DMS was the right one.

In summary, the DMS conversion to MOTIONDATA was a complete success and has once again proven that MOTIONDATA is the ideal DMS supplier for Ford partners!

Conclusion Michaela Hirsch: “A challenging project, with extensive requirements and special settings/parameterization on MOTIONDATA DMS and the people involved. Intensive coordination with Danner, the MOTIONDATA development department and also the BMD team accompanied the project. Due to the positive atmosphere and the strong commitment of Mr. Berghammer and his team, the trainings were real workshops, where processes were evaluated and adapted. In this way, all possible hurdles could always be overcome in the shortest possible time and a joint solution for special requests could be worked out together. The real start in October – in the last days of September to be precise – was therefore a “snap” for the employees and was mastered brilliantly.