IT Services

Highest safety for motor vehicle operations

“To prevent attacks in advance, I recommend the “MOTIONDATA Defense Package” for all workstations and servers”, says Marcel Schreiber, IT systems engineering expert of the MOTIONDATA VECTOR group. “Defense” is the optimal security package for servers and workstations in automotive companies. An innovative “virus protection” with extended protection module, this works according to an innovative whitelisting principle which blocks “unknown code” and analyses it before execution.

Firewall, networking and Internet – Clever solutions against cyber attacks
Many companies tick off the firewall issue too quickly and think that the standard routers of the providers are sufficient. But how do you ensure that no unwanted pages or even illegal websites are accessed from your network? Is the router constantly updated and are there security updates? Can you provide VPN access for yourself or your employees? Is the guest WLAN separated from your company network? Or do you even have several locations and need to network them securely? The MOTIONDATA VECTOR group has the optimal package for everyone, let us advise you!

What if something happened?
The VM Backup Enterprise service is designed to backup virtual servers – your data – both on-site (on a device on your local network) and off-site (in a highly secure data center). Our system technology of the MOTIONDATA VECTOR group continuously and proactively checks whether the backup processes have been carried out completely and without errors. An off-site backup is basically the last possibility to reconstruct data in case a recovery is not (no longer) possible with the locally performed backup. Reasons for this could be: Theft of hardware, fire or water damage, overvoltage or even an attack on your IT infrastructure by ransomware – encryption trojans. Should such a case occur, our system technology can access your off-site backup in the data centre and restore your data.

No matter whether you use the dealer management system MOTIONDATA or CDP on a server or via our cloud solution, we as MOTIONDATA VECTOR Group offer our customers an optimal solution including ongoing support in the area of software, hardware and your Data security.