MOTIONDATA DMS, BMW, Opel, Suzuki, Iveco und Isuzu

One DMS for many brands!

The Auer car dealership relies on MOTIONDATA DMS with BMW, Opel, Suzuki, Iveco and Isuzu

With over 40 brands in our portfolio, the multi-brand capability of our DMS solutions is undisputed and very important for many automotive companies. Because every car company wants an optimal DMS solution for all brands. Managing Director Florian Auer of the Kremser Autohausgruppe Auer with the brands BMW, Opel, Suzuki, Iveco and Isuzu also appreciates this and trusts MOTIONDATA DMS.

Because a DMS change always involves a very sensitive consideration and technical challenges in addition to employee acceptance, we are very pleased with the words of praise from Mr. Florian Auer (FH):

“I have never seen a program accepted so quickly. You can tell that someone here really knows about the car business. The DMS solution is very self-explanatory and the operation is very simple. The change, installation and transfer also worked without any problems.“

MOTIONDATA DMS is already in full operation at a total of three locations in Krems and Stratzdorf.

You too can benefit from the advantages of the multi-brand capability and multi-operational solution and contact our sales department  by phone 0043 316/255 599-1130 or by email