online booking-616 dealership appointments per month

Great success was achieved with the “Online Service Booking” web tool from the MOTIONDATA VECTOR group via the new website 616 appointments were booked through the OSB in just one month.

Offer your customers the service where they spend more and more time – on the smartphone or tablet, because the customers are used to a simple business transaction like at or Amazon.

With Online Service Booking, booking workshop and service appointments, picking appointments, vehicle preparation or tyre changes has never been so easy. This tool is integrated into the website so that customers can make their appointment requests around the clock. The request is automatically inserted into the scheduling of your DMS, where it is confirmed by SMS, email or phone.

The current numbers of the DENZEL car dealerships confirms this. They were glad that 616 appointments at 19 locations, all of which were booked in just under a month (in April 2020) with the Online Service Booking on the newly launched website That is an average of around 30 appointments per month per branch.

Could this be the solution for many car companies that are struggling with workshop capacity utilization and sales problems, especially during the corona crisis? The answer is quite simply YES, confirms Hansjörg Mayr, CDO and board member at Wolfgang Denzel Auto.

“The OSB has proven itself at and ensured very good capacity utilisation in a short time. And that even in a difficult period during the Corona crisis. Due to the drop in sales as a result of the Corona crisis, which probably every company has to struggle with, we are naturally pleased about the additional capacity utilisation and sales. The customers use this service, the acquisition pays for itself after a short time and the result speaks for itself. Therefore I can definitely recommend this web tool.”

With Online Service Booking you offer your customers an innovative service that fulfils the expectations of today’s customers and so increases customer satisfaction and customer loyalty but also additionally boosts the capacity utilisation and turnover targets of the car companies.

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