The future is called Cloud: the number of users rises continiously

Especially during the Corona crisis, companies detected how it works when employees can work from home. But even before the corona situation, more and more companies have recognized the various cloud solutions and are already using hosted systems.

According to a report in Trend magazine cloud infrastructure users have increased to a third of all German companies and the number continues to rise. It looks recognizable in Austria and Switzerland. The MOTIONDATA VECTOR group offers two DMS systems : MOTIONDATA DMS and the car dealer package CDP as well as the sales manager as a cloud solution.

Yes, but which benefits exactly are offered by cloud solutions?

With a cloud infrastructure you can work, regardless of location and device. The cloud also makes economic sense in the long term because it saves previous investment costs such as acquisition, installation and maintenance costs for conventional server landscapes.

The cloud solution scores also in terms of data security, since high-security data centers with the security security levels provide absolute data and failure security controls. The car dealers no longer need to be updated. The manageable monthly fix costs are as calculable than before.

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Here you will find further informations about MOTIONDATA DMS cloud, CDP cloud and Sales Manager.